• Design Library

    In this course, we’ll focus on the Design Library and the Manage Designs toolbox. The Design Library is so easy to use that you may not realize just how truly powerful it can be for organizing and finding designs.

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  • Selecting Designs

    Making selections is fundamental to using Hatch. What you can select depends on the level of Hatch you are using, the type of object you are selecting, and whether it is a grouped or compound object.

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  • Customizing

    The joy of embroidery software is the ability to customize designs to suit your project. In this course, learn to combine, resize, mirror, rotate, skew and optimize designs for stitching using Auto-Fabric and Adjust Stitch Spacing.

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  • Working with Colors

    In this course we'll look at how to apply colors to designs, and why some designs keep their colors whilst others do not. You can change the colors of designs and map them to the thread bands that you have.

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  • Lettering

    The two most common customizations done in embroidery are resizing and adding lettering. Personalization is very popular and Hatch provides easy and incredibly creative ways to use lettering.

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  • Monograms

    Browse through Pinterest and you can see how popular monograms are. Hatch makes it so easy to create them in minutes with one of the 85 included templates used in the most popular styles.

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  • Auto-Digitizing Intro

    Who doesn’t want to turn an image into an embroidery design instantly? Hatch has tools for making a quick design using good clean images with several auto-digitizing tools.

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  • PhotoStitch and PhotoFlash

    Hatch provides two ways for auto digitizing photos: Color PhotoStitch and PhotoFlash. These are two artistic effects that are quick and easy to apply.

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  • Editing Objects

    The Edit Objects toolbox provides many tools for reshaping, adjusting and fine-tuning objects and stitch angles. In this course, we’ll look at each one and learn just how powerful these can be.

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  • Digitizing Tools

    The Digitize toolbox contains all the necessary tools to create beautiful embroidered shapes. As you’ll see in these lessons, these tools are both easy to use and powerful.

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  • Appliqué

    Appliqué is a popular technique. In this course, we’ll look at creative examples of Appliqué designs, and teach you how they can be made very easily with the various Hatch tools.

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  • Layouts

    The Create Layouts toolbox has many tools that make designing quick and easy. Combine designs and create complex compositions with mirror and copy tools with markers to hoop accurately. Make quilting designs and add buttonholes in Digitizer.

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  • Multi-Hooping

    It seems that no matter how large a sewing field our embroidery machines have, there comes a time when you want to stitch something larger. Hatch has tools that can intelligently split designs for multi-hooping.

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  • Finishing up the Design

    The Output Design toolbox makes it easy to create the most common machine file formats, template files for cutting appliqués and printed worksheets with details for referencing outside of Hatch.

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5 star rating

Excellent to learn lots

Katy Pasquale

So much to absorb. This series got into many elements that I was not familiar with. Lots of work to do here. Videos are excellent to explain each feature.

So much to absorb. This series got into many elements that I was not familiar with. Lots of work to do here. Videos are excellent to explain each feature.

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