Course curriculum

  • 1

    SS-01: Needle Know-How

    • SS-01-01: What is an Embroidery Needle?
    • SS-01-02 What Needles are Best for Embroidery?
    • SS-01-03: What Needle Should I Use on Knits?
    • SS-01-04: What Needle Should I Use on Leather or Vinyl?
    • SS-01-05: Needle Size Basics
    • SS-01-06: What is a Titanium Needle? When & Where Would I Use It?
    • SS-01-07: How Often Should You Change the Needle?
    • SS-01-08: Quick Tip to Clean a Sticky Needle
  • 2

    SS-02: Stabilizer Savvy

    • SS-02-01: What Are Stabilizers?
    • SS-02-02: What's the Best Stabilizer to Use?
    • SS-02-03: What are Your Suggestions for "Go-To" Stabilizers?
    • SS-02-04: What Not To Use for Stabilizers
    • SS-02-05: What Stabilizer Should I Use for Free-Standing Lace (FSL)?
  • 3

    SS-03: Hooping

    • SS-03-01: What Hoop Should I Use for Embroidery?
    • SS-03-02: What is Floating?
    • SS-03-03: When Should You Float?
    • SS-03-04: Why Should You Hoop Instead of Float?
  • 4

    SS-04: Thread

    • SS-04-01: What Thread is Best for Embroidery?
  • 5

    SS-05: Bobbins

    • SS-05-01: What is Embroidery Bobbin Thread?
    • SS-05-02: Do I Need to Match My Bobbin Thread Type?
    • SS-05-03: Do I Need to Match My Bobbin Thread Color?
    • SS-05-04: What are the Advantages of Using Prewound Bobbins?
    • SS-05-05: What are the Disadvantages of Using Pre-wound Bobbins?
  • 6

    SS-06: Software tips

    • SS-06-01: Using Metric and Inches in Hatch