Course curriculum

    1. Learning to Digitize with the Freehand Tool AA-16-00

    2. Freehand Open Shape Tool: Setup & Practice AA-16-01

    3. Try it! AA-16-01

    4. Digitizing a Sketch Tree AA-16-02

    5. Try it! AA-16-02

    6. Digitizing a Calligraphy Tree AA-16-03

    7. Try It! AA-16-03

    8. Sketch Look Holly. AA-16-04

    9. Try it! AA-16-04

    10. Adding Color to the Holly Design AA-16-05

    11. Try it! AA-16-05

    12. Adding Colored Fills for Sketch Look AA-16-06

    13. Try It! AA-16-06

    14. Repurposing Previously DIgitized Designs (Oak Leaf) AA-16-07

    15. Try It! AA-16-07

    16. Creating a Christmas Greeting Card AA-16-08

    17. Try it! AA-16-08

    18. Creating a Thanksgiving Greeting Card AA-16-09

    19. Try it! AA-16-09

    20. Considerations for Stitching Greeting Cards AA-16-10

    21. Stitching a Greeting Card in the Hoop AA-16-11

    22. Try It! AA-16-11

    1. Course Designs AA-16

About this course

  • Learn to use the Freehand Tool to create sketch-like designs in Hatch Digitizer. 11 lessons + designs to download and follow along.

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