Course curriculum

    1. Downloads for all lessons & Tips for using this course

    2. How to launch CorelDRAW from within Hatch - CD-O1-01

    3. CorelDRAW Standard Interface - CD-01-02

    4. New Hatch Related Icons in CorelDRAW Standard - CD-01-03

    1. Opening Images CD-01-04

    2. Saving Files & Images CD-01-05

    1. Basics of CorelDRAW Standard -CD-01-06

    1. Resizing Artwork - CD-01-07

    1. PowerTRACE - CD-01-08

    1. Working with Shapes CD-01-09

About this course

  • A beginning course in CorelDRAW with the basic tools you will use with Hatch Embroidery Software.
  • 13 lessons that build upon each other.
  • It is recommended to follow the lessons in the order given.

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