Course curriculum

    1. Sequence by Objects HTD-02-01

    2. Sequence by Color HTD-02-02

    1. Desgin Overview - How it works HDT-03-01

    1. Object Properties Docker Overview HTD-04-01

    2. Fill Tab - HTD-04-02

    3. Outline Tab - HTD-04-03 - video

    4. Stitching Tab HTD-04-04 - video

    5. Effects Tab HDT 04-05

    6. Applique Tab - overview HTD-04-06 video

    7. Buttonholes Tab HTD-04-07

    1. Threads Docker HTD-06-01

    2. Select Thread Charts HTD-06-02

    3. How to assign threads to color bar so they can be used HTD-06-03

    1. Keyboard Design Collection - What is it & What is it not? HDT-07-01

    2. Keyboard Design Collection: How to Use a Finished Collection HDT-07-02

    3. Keyboard Design Collection: How to map individual design files HTD-07-03 VIDEO

    4. Keyboard Design Collection: How to map design in one file HTD-07-04

    5. Keyboard Design Collection: Adjust Baselines and Spacing HTD-07-05

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