Course curriculum

    1. Hatch Organizer Tour OP-00-00

    1. Setting Up your Machine and Hoops OP-01-01

    2. Machine or Hoop is Not Listed OP-01-02

    3. User Interface Settings OP-01-03

    1. Using the Design Library OP-02-01

    2. New from Selected, Open Selected, Convert Selected Designs OP-02-02

    3. Transfer Selected Design… OP-02-03

    4. Print Selected, Print Selected to Catalog, Export Design List OP-02-04

    5. Manage Embroidery Library Locations… OP-02-05

    6. Design Library Toolbars OP-02-06

    7. Organizing Your Design Files OP-02-07

    1. Opening & Saving a Design in Organizer OP-03-01

    2. Duplicate, Rotate, & Move a Design OP-03-02

    3. Changing Design Colors OP-03-03

    4. Grouping, Ungrouping, Mirror-X, & Mirror-Y OP-03-04

    5. Manually Rotating OP-03-05

    6. Resizing and Inserting Another Design OP-03-06

    1. Changing Thread Brands OP-04-01

    2. Optimize Color Changes… OP-04-02

    1. Using Auto Fabric… OP-05-01

    2. Auto Start & End OP-05-02

    3. Adding Tags and Comments OP-05-03

    4. Print Worksheet OP-05-04

About this course

  • 23 text and video lessons on Organizing and customizing your designs.

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