Course curriculum

    1. An overview of Hatch & letter from our VP - HT-00-00

    2. Home Screen HT-00-01

    3. Tour of Hatch Interface HT-00-02

    4. Setting Up your Software HT-00-03

    5. Changing Colors in Organizer HT-00-04

    6. Changing Colors in Personalizer HT-00-05

    7. Changing Colors in Composer & Digitizer HT-00-06

    8. Lettering HT-00-07

    9. Adding lettering to a Design HT-00-08

    10. Monograms HT-00-09

    11. Auto Digitizing HT-00-10

    12. Color PhotoStitch HT-00-11

    13. Understanding Object Types in Hatch HT-00-12

    14. Manual Digitizing Tools Basics HT-00-13

    15. Manual Digitizing Project HT-00-14

    16. Appliqué HT-00-15

    17. Multi-hooping HT-00-16

    18. Hints HT-00-17

    19. Where do I save my personal data? (like ESA fonts, motifs, and other ESA files) HT-00-18

About this course

  • 19 lessons

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