Course curriculum

    1. Faux Merrow Motif - AA-14-00

    2. The Faux Merrow Stitch AA-14-01

    3. Try it! AA-14-01

    4. Motif Basics AA-14-02

    5. Try it! AA-14-02

    6. Faux Merrow: Where it Works Best & Where it Doesn't AA-14-03

    7. Try it! AA-14-03

    8. Resizing the Faux Merrow Motif AA-14-04

    9. Try it! AA-14-04

    10. Creating a Basic Patch using the Faux Merrow Motif AA-14-05

    11. Try it! AA-14-05

    1. BONUS: Using the Faux Merrow Corner Motif AA-14-06

    2. Try it! AA-14-06

    3. AA-14-06 Downloads

    1. BONUS 2: Digitizing Your Own Faux Merrow Motif AA-14-07

    2. Try it! AA-14-07

About this course

  • Learn to use custom-made motifs to recreate the look of the merrow stitch
  • 5 video and text lessons
  • A "try it" at the end of each lesson. Plus 2 bonus lessons when you have completed the course!

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