Course curriculum

    1. Overview: Digitizing Creative Variations for the Rose - Part 2 AA-06-00

    2. Using Outlines & Offsets AA-06-01

    3. Try it! AA-06-01

    4. Using the Florentine Effect AA-06-02

    5. Try It! AA-06-02

    6. Adding Abstract Fills AA-06-03

    7. Try It! AA-06-03

    8. Stitching Tips AA-06-04

    9. Try it! AA-06-04

    10. Final Cleanup AA-06-05

    11. Try it! Download Project Files AA-06-05

About this course

  • Learn how to use Hatch to design creative variations of the Rose. This course has 5 lessons plus 5 "Try It" practice guides.
  • You'll receive two finished designs to help you review your own work.

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