Course curriculum

    1. Overview - Digitizing the Rose Shading Part 3 AA-07-00

    2. The Shaded Rose Decisions AA-07-01

    3. Try It! AA-07-01

    4. Choosing Colors AA-07-02

    5. Try It! AA-07-02

    6. Planning Digitizing AA-07-03

    7. Try it! AA-07-03

    8. Tools to Use in Digitizing AA-07-04

    9. Try it! AA-07-04

    10. Digitizing the Stem and Leaves AA-07-05

    11. Try it! AA-07-05

    12. Digitizing the Basic Rose Petals AA-07-06

    13. Try it! AA-07-06

    14. Digitizing the Rose Petal Highlights AA-07-07

    15. Try it! AA-07-07

    16. Shading the Rose Petals AA-07-08

    17. Try it! AA-07-08

    18. Digitizing the Folded-over Petal Edges AA-07-09

    19. Try it! AA-07-09

    20. Digitizing the Global Underlay AA-07-10

    21. Try it! AA-07-10

    22. Stitching Tips AA-07-11

    23. Try it! AA-07-11

About this course

  • 11 video and text lessons + 11 Try It exercises for learning to shade and highlight design. Design and artwork downloads included.

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