Course curriculum

    1. GS-01-01: Tour of the Software & Getting started in Hatch Academy

    2. GS-01-02: Setting up your Machine

    3. GS-01-03: How to Change the Background Color

    1. GS-02-01: Opening EMB Files and using Design Library

    2. GS-02-02: Finding Machine Files

    1. GS-03-01: Changing Colors in Hatch Organizer

    2. GS-03-02: Changing Colors in Hatch Personalizer

    3. GS-03-03: Changing Colors in Hatch Composer and Digitizer

    1. GS-04-01: Optimizing Colors 2

    2. GS-04-02: Saving and Exporting a Design

    3. GS-04-03: Exporting SVG Files

    1. GS-05-01: Lettering - Overview

    2. GS-05-02: Lettering Options

    3. GS-05-03: Working with Machine File Alphabets

    4. GS-05-04: Breaking Apart Lines of Text

    1. GS-06-01: Lettering - Fills, Effects & Underlay

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