Course curriculum

    1. Project Overview PS-08-01

    2. Using Monogram Fonts in Hatch PS-08-02

    3. Creating a Holiday Monogram Using the Monograms Tools PS-08-03

    4. Checking Your Monogram in Personalizer PS-08-04

    5. Checking Your Monogram in Composer & Digitizer PS-08-05

    6. Designing A Holiday Monogram for Embossed Towels (Digitizer Level) PS-08-06

    7. Optimizing the Embossed Monogram (Digitizer)

    8. How to Make Your Own Shapes Library in Digitizer PS-08-08

    9. Holiday Monogram: Pre-Stitching Prep PS-08-09

About this course

  • 9 lessons

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