Course curriculum

    1. All About Motifs Overview VS-22-00

    2. Using Motifs in Hatch VS-22-01

    3. Using Motif Fills in Hatch VS-22-02

    4. Applying Effects to Motif Fills VS-22-03

    5. Storing & Reusing Your Favorite Motif Patterns VS-22-04

    6. Anatomy of a Motif VS-22-05

    7. Making A Run Stitch Motif VS-22-06

    8. Making A Satin Stitch Motif VS-22-07

    9. Making A Fill Stitch Motif VS-22-08

    10. Creating Multi-color Motifs VS-22-09

    11. Creating Alternating Motifs VS-22-10

    12. Motif Creation Recap VS-22-11

    13. Managing Motifs VS-22-12

    14. Adjusting Motif Runs VS-22-13

    15. Using the Visual Layout Tool VS-22-14

    16. Putting it All Together VS-22-15

    17. Download Butterfly Designs VS-22-16

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  • 17 lessons

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