In-depth courses

Training at your finger-tips!

Our experts will show you how to use the various tools and features in easy-to-follow lessons that you can pause and restart again at your convenience. We encourage you to practice the “Try It” sections as you progress in your course to make the most of your learning.

How to Use Specific Features

Quick easy lessons!

Find answers on how to use specific features in the software without having to watch a long video. Follow the lessons step by step to learn the details of all the features in the software. Or jump around to focus on specific features. Either way, it is quick and easy to learn!

General Embroidery Information

New to embroidery?

Do you wonder where to start? Have you ever asked what do I need to know before I start? Hatch’s Embroidery Basics bundle will give you the knowledge you need to know before you get started! It’s all free with Hatch Academy!

Some perks of learning on Hatch Academy

  • Progress tracking

    Track your progress. Pause and resume lessons at your convenience. Resume learning exactly where you left off, even mid-video!

  • In-course discussions

    Interact with instructors and students by asking questions within each lesson. Quickly click on the Discussions link. You are never alone on your learning journey!

  • Access from anywhere

    Just sign in from any device and get started with learning from Hatch Academy. Get ahead with learning faster!

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